International projects - Theme parks

This was a mammoth undertaking! A 2-year project condensed into 9 months. The landscape team consisted of the main contractor, 2 landscaping companies (one being my company), an irrigation contractor, a turf company and a special effects company.

International - Theme parkZone 7
White Mountain – Bill of quantities

Site area: 18,782 square metres
Compost: 1,293 cubic metres
Fertiliser: 3,116 kilograms
Shrubs: 8,412
Ground covers: 16,079
Mulch/topsoil: 669 cubic metres

(the figures above were just for one zone!)

The park entrance, where natural rock weighing several tonnes were paced to form one of the many canyons; the visitors could not see the park until through the canyon, building anticipation

International - Theme park

The area of Black Mountain on the right was still smooth and needed to go through the landscaping process

International - Theme park

My team of 50 employees was responsible for the encircled areas highlighted in orange; they were divided into 4 zones (see example of the sheer quantities of materials required at the top of this page). The civil contractor handed the site over once they had constructed the basic land-works. It was the landscaper job to turn the civil work in natural mountains with canyons and forests